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“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV


Freshwater Daffodils


I  write poetry, prose, drama, and essays, that are often expository, descriptive, and argumentative.




The Plot
Aug 3, 2018

I should tell you a thing
that happened many centuries ago,
that only I know of.
The stars were going on again
about how great it would be
to replace the moon with the sun.

“Oh, she’s so dull; she’s no fun.
The sun shines brighter;
she’d be so much better for us.”

They all connived to do the replacement
that ended up being very successful.

No one even knew they existed
with the sun shining so bright.
They hated every minute of having her around.

The grass is greener when you look from afar.
Flowers tend to be extremely beautiful,
until you pluck them to keep and they die.
The sun draws you to her,
she gives light and love and warmth,
like a beautiful, adult siren,
until you draw really close.

The moon decided to return
and take her place,
as you can see;
your moon may not decide to.


Yorùbá Lessons with Adérónké̩


I teach Yoruba history and language on my YouTube Channel for the preservation, promotion and appreciation of the Yoruba culture, in all its richness. People of Yoruba descent are all over the world, and a good number of them are totally disconnected from their ancestry. The past was quite rough, and the consequences of exchanging humans for goods and capturing/enslaving people that began centuries ago still haunts our societies till this day.

I consider my teaching a means of bringing a form of healing to people, and inviting them to know more than they probably think they do about themselves and their ancestors.

My channel is for anyone and everyone who loves and appreciates languages and the beauty they contain, as well as the depths of the stories they tell, when we use them for communication and survival.

1. Idris Anibaba- August 5, 2018- $5 USD

2. Reg Pollock- July 24, 2018 - $2 CAD

3. Joanna Collins-Hopkins- July 21, 2018- $10 CAD

4. Jonathan Frame- November 15, 2018- $10 USD

5. "Think Positive"- January 6, 2019- $50USD

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